The new promotion brought in better perks and whole lot of responsibilities in my life last year. But My diet and work-out routine went for a toss. Since then, I had tried multiple energy supplements to replenish my depleting mojo, but nothing seemed to work. At last, I found Athletic Greens reviews and voila, they opened a new door in front of my eyes. From that point onwards, the energy inducing super food has become a constant fixture in my life.

You will find many more points about this super product from Athletic Greens reviews. Here, I will impart my personal involvement with this product, why it’s famous (according to me) and other tidbits.

About Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a super food to invigorate, to decrease mood swings and to improve overall health. Look through few of the Athletic Greens reviews, and you’ll come to know that, this is the perfect amalgamation of 75 ingredients including- fruits, veggies, herbs, mushrooms and probiotics.  

Regardless of whether you are a commoner looking to ward off the sudden bursts of fatigue or a budding athlete, this super food is for all. The vitality one can experience after consistently using it for one month, doesn’t depend upon age, gender or body weight. The Athletic Greens reviews can vouch for that.

Each packet of this item comes with 30 servings, on the off chance you are opting for the standard purchase plan (more on this later). There is no specific mention on how many times a day you should have it. My personal suggestion? Stick to twice a day.

Does Athletic Greens Work?

The internet is full of glowing Athletic Greens customer reviews from users of various age groups. Likewise, apply your common sense here. What doctors prescribe for when you are desperate to shed those kilos or elevate your dwindling energy level? It has to be clean eating incorporating loads of fruits and fresh veggies.

The same ingredients you can find in this super food. Best part? Those natural goodies would be devoid of any chemical harm, that modern farming practice otherwise imparts to its produces. For more conviction, run through the detailed Athletic Greens reviews.  Keep it in mind that, if you are on special medication or any particular eating routine (for perennial ailment or any gastric surgery), then do consult with your doctor before start using it. In case you are pregnant or a nursing mother, ask for medical supervision before having Athletic Greens in daily diet. 

My Personal Experience With Athletic Greens

The piling work pressure and never ending household chores left me draining out of energy and I was becoming stressed-out. In those dim hours, Athletic Greens came as a blessing. I won’t be lying though. Initially, I was skeptical in trying out another energy food (the past experiences were not that great).

Once I started reading the authentic Athletic Greens customer reviews one-by-one, my mind was started slightly tilting towards it. Once it hit the plateau, I thought “let’s try it at least for a month”. And that was the best choice I have made in years.

At first, I was determined to utilize it only for a month. Be that as it may, now I am a committed subscriber of Athletic Greens’ monthly plan. I began taking it twice and day and within 2 weeks, my body felt so much lighter as if I got spring in my step. My mood oscillation likewise diminished, and it left me cheerful throughout the day. Don’t believe in my words? Well, go through any of the genuine Athletic Greens reviews and see for yourself. 

Why You Should Buy Athletic Greens?

If you have already experienced various Athletic Greens reviews, then you might have noticed distinctive reasons are given there to buy this product. Well, here’s my two cents on why you should purchase Athletic Greens.

Right off the bat, this is one of its kind nutrient-rich super foods. When I first found the number of ingredients it has, in one of the Athletic Greens reviews, I was pretty much awestruck. So given the price, the nutrient density you will receive in return from the nourishment, is worth-the-moolah.

In this world of artificially flavored supplements that use GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) products and harmful preservatives, Athletic Greens is fully organic. The clean components, which gone into making it, are suitable for everybody’s lifestyle- whether she is vegan or carnivore.

Thirdly, this is remarkably simple to use. Look at one of the Athletic Greens customer reviews and you will find that- this is the perfect drink for go-getters. Just mix the powder with water, skimmed milk or your favorite juice, pour it inside a container and go for that hike.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Athletic Greens?

Don’t buy Athletic Greens if you don’t want to feel fit and carry out more work load effortlessly. Okay, I am just kidding! I have pondered over this question for quite some time now and there is nothing that came to my mind. Organic? Check. Competitively priced? Check. Effective on health/ no side-effect? Check. These are all the primary reasons for which you should go for Athletic Greens.

There might be some disgruntled Athletic Greens reviews where few customers raised the point that – the price of the product is slightly on the higher-end. But what they don’t understand that- where else would you find close to 75 ingredients in one super food?

Additionally for your benefit, you should put some efforts in terms of- clean eating and working-out daily. Don’t expect that the nourishment of this super food could compensate for your binge-eating junk foods or leading a sedentary life. If you are not prepared to put forth that extra effort, stay away from this product. Search Athletic Greens reviews with inspiring stories and get motivated from there.

How Does Athletic Greens Work?

You can get the gist from various Athletic Greens reviews about how there are multiple ways that this item stimulates your body. Let’s discuss the ‘super foods’ segment first. They consist of the major portion in the ingredients’ list.  Sprirulina, Chlorella and wheatgrass are some of the recognizable names in this category. In case you are a budding athlete, who is suffering from nutrient deficiency (but are not aware about it) even after following a sportsman’s diet, then sipping into this mix will makeup for the loss.

The herbs and antioxidants occupy the second position- in terms of portion size. Even if you are not into rigorous physical work-out, the antioxidants like pea protein and citrus bioflavonoids will nourish your body by obliterating free radicals, keeping regular bowel movement.

The digestive enzymes have acted like charms in the past for many users, as per the Athletic Greens reviews. The exotic shiitake and reishi mushrooms reduces bloating, acidity and remove constipation from your internal framework.

The dairy-free probiotics are simply the super stars of vitality nourishment. This is not only my own observation but also has been expressed by countless others in Athletic Greens reviews.

This space is insufficient to stretch further about the mechanism of this super food. Do your research on the components, read up Athletic Greens reviews for better insight or contact to the official id for more elucidation.

Why Athletic Greens Is So Popular?

Take a market survey and let me know- which other super food has 11 types of supplements in it? I know the answer would be – nil. And this is the number one reason for the popularity behind this item. The raving Athletic Greens reviews are glaring testaments that, consumers are ready to pay money if the return is fulfilling.

The antioxidant blend present in the compound, will destroy the free radicals- thus nipping the cancer prospect in the bad. It will also slow down your aging process.  The detoxification support ensures that even after binge-eating sometimes, the bodily waste gets flushed out properly. Above all, the multivitamins will pick you up whenever you feel slumpy.

Another factor behind this product’s soaring popularity (based on what I have gathered from majority of Athletic Green reviews) is- its foundation story. How this super food creator Chris had gone through a series of illness and how he has come up with the fresh idea of Athletic Greens. All of this is totally relatable to a commoner’s personal struggle and victory while dealing with poor health.

Is Athletic Greens A Scam?

The genuine Athletic Greens reviews are the biggest verifications of its genuineness as a health product. Also, an eminent author like Tim Ferris is associated with the product for quite sometime now. Do you think such a prominent personality would put his reputation at risk by endorsing a scam product?

When you go through the ‘Pricing’ section in its official site, you will find the claim that your money will be refunded if you get back to the manufacturers with a better energy food within 60 days. What’s more, you can be paid back double the amount in the event, you are not happy with the performance of Athletic Greens. Any of these don’t sound like what a fraud product would advertise, right?

Also you will gather from Athletic Greens reviews that the sales rep of the company tends to remain within the client’s reach all the time. Didn’t understand any part of the billing process? Give her a call or shoot a mail. Need motivation or some in-depth tips about weight loss/ spiking energy? Ask for expert opinion.

Unlike fly-by-night companies, with this energy food, you will always feel connected to the company via transparent communication. These are the brightest confirmations that this product is an authentic one.

What Are Scientists Saying?

So far no solid scientific study has been executed solely on this product, but you can gauge from Athletic Greens reviews that how it follows a scientific theory. Do you know that a balance of vitamins and minerals is essential for functioning nervous system as well as strong immunity? Well, with this super food, rest assured that your body will get to absorb Vitamin B12 which is big on maintaining brain health, Vitamin A and zinc among others.

These days, erratic schedule and haphazard eating has left many of us with dwindling digestive enzyme production. To know it better that how this product contains assisting enzymes that reduce bloating, you should go through the Athletic Green reviews. Similarly, the liver formula, adaptogen and probiotics play significant role in detoxifying, keeping up gut health and reducing stress level respectively.

What Athletic Greens Consists Of?

This space is truly short to call attention to all of the 75 ingredients Athletic Greens powder is made of. For starter, the component rundown of Athletic Greens can be divided into five broad categories- vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, liver formula, probiotics and prebiotics, and lastly, adaptogen and hormone support.

You can search for more detailed Athletic Greens reviews for better understanding.  Yet here, I have attempted to describe the functionality of each in simple terms. The vitamins and minerals in Athletic Greens originate from freeze-dried fruits, plants and veggies. The manufacturer pays exceptional care to ensure- not to use any heat or light during the production process.

Do you know your digestion tract makes the passage for easy food absorption? The presence of papain and bromelain enzymes in this product guarantees smooth energy conversion.

Pick up few Athletic Greens customer reviews and you will see that users mostly gushed over the liver formula, which flushes out toxins from the body and bestows purer blood. The non-dairy prebiotics and probiotics sources make this product adaptable for users, who are lactose intolerant.

 Lastly, the Adaptogens are of 17 types, that are present in this product and boosts your body’s imperativeness during stressful times. You will find nothing artificial, GMO-related bits in Athletic Greens, and that’s where its success lies.

What Is The Cost Of Athletic Greens?

As of now, the cost of Athletic Greens is $97 for 30 servings. In case you are buying this product direct from the official site, then you will get 3 plans to choose from. First one is called the Double Hit. Subscribe to it and you will be delivered 60 servings/month at your door-step, with an incredible 21% discount on its price. And that brings down the consolidated value at $ 147.00.

The second plan is the standard one which I have mentioned in the first line. The third plan is called Trial Pack. Upon subscribing it, you will receive one-time only 60 servings at $77.00. You can compare the price plan with that of other energy foods and you know what? Athletic Greens customer reviews have already voted it- to be the best purchase scheme.

There might still be a tiny section of clients, who got worked up in their Athletic Greens reviews about the slightly high-end positioning of the product.  I can bet that no one else is putting forth an astounding motely of 75 ingredients in a single energy food item like that of Athletic Greens.  

So if you are looking for value-for-money buy, then go by what the other genuine Athletic Greens reviews are saying and bag this item.

FAQs About Athletic Greens?

It’s certainly prudent to ponder through the numerous Athletic Greens customer reviews before you purchase the item. But not all of them may provide you with the crucial answers you are looking for. Let’s dig deeper and bring out some FAQs about this product, which you may or may not find in many Athletic Greens reviews.

  1. Is the product suitable for the ones with certain food hypersensitivity?

Ans. Athletic Greens doesn’t contain dairy ingredients, animal protein, yeast, artificial color/flavor or corn. This is a completely gluten-free, certified organic product which has no trace of sucrose, glucose or lactose likewise. I hope that mitigates your query largely.

  1. Is it vegan friendly?

Ans. Absolutely. You will not find egg, animal protein or any dairy products in it. What’s more, going through the numerous Athletic Greens reviews, I got to learn this is the most favorite energy food for vegans’ world-over.

  1. Can lactating mothers use it?

Athletic Greens has no preservatives. Still, it would be best for you to consult your physician first, before introducing this product in your diet.

  1. Does it taste terrible like other energy drinks?

Ans. Taste sometimes can be subjective but when I tried it for the first time, I found the ginger-y aroma the best thing- about its taste. With the base of papaya, cherry powder, stevia, pineapple and vanilla, it tastes sweet, spicy, bitter- all-rolled- into-one.

Which Celebs Are Using It?

We can’t deny that what we do for our fitness has much been influenced from celebs. So it’s normal to ask yourself- which celebrities are using Athletic Greens? Don’t express to find a celeb’s name in Athletic Greens customer reviews in online public forums.

However, a simple Google search (you can even check it out in the home page of the official site) will tell you that NY Times’ best-seller author Tim Ferris has endorsed vociferously for Athletic Greens. Famous model-entrepreneur Biana Krausch is another dazzling client, who has nothing but amazing things to say about Athletic Greens and its role in keeping her active.

The interesting part of Athletic Greens user-base is that- you will find celebrities from various walks of life, who are fan of this product. Take for an instance, renowned motivational speaker and cancer survivor Art Martin Physician gives credit to Athletic Greens behind his top level of  fitness and vitality.

Where To Buy Athletic Greens?

The best place to buy Athletic Greens is online. Buy it specifically from its official site or any other reputed online vendor. For third-party marketers, make sure that they are genuine, otherwise, you might be duped. When you are buying from the product’s site itself, you will enjoy plethora of other benefits. Timely delivery is just one of them. For monthly subscribers, special health improvement tips would be there. The auto billing process makes it more secure for legitimate card holders to purchase this product via few taps.

What’s more, there is a full 60-day refund plan, on the off chance you have found better energy super nourishment or not satisfied with the performance of Athletic Greens. Well, scan through the Athletic Greens customer reviews and you will be hard-pressed to discover any reviewer who has parceled it back to the seller.


I hope the above points have given a rough idea about- how Athletic Greens works and what ingredients it holds. For better grasp of knowledge about this subject, you can always look for Athletic Greens customer reviews. Life has become so fast-paced that, only dieting and exercise are not enough to gain fitness.

 You need to get plenty of rest along with a super food, which will guarantee you constant source of energy, irrespective of age. For that reason only, buy this in the wake of examining the Athletic Greens reviews and getting convinced. With its top quality ingredients, careful manufacturing process and ease-of-use, there’s no reason why you should deprive yourself from such wholesome nourishment.

Is your energy level on the downward spiral since you hit 40? Do you fear that your body is not responding to that weight lifting work-out anymore? Then Athletic Greens customer reviews can show you that, you are not alone in this journey.  

In the event you fear about online money deceits, the above mentioned points should have cleared off your doubt to some extent, regarding the safest transaction process via Athletic Greens official site or any reputed vendor.  So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to any of the plans now, and thank me later!

The above points will give you a rough outline about- how this product works. Obviously, there are many more compact Athletic Greens reviews that can let you know what I might have missed here. This is a wholesome super food that invigorates you at any point of time. All it takes only 27 seconds for this nourishment, to stimulate your body. Do give it a shot and see for yourself how it excels.