The supplement stores are flooded with green drink blends these days. It’s quite hard to state which one is genuinely good and which one is hogging all the limelight due to pushy marketing strategies. After some in-depth research and market survey, here are the 10 most effective green drinks that are worth-their-salt.

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is undoubtedly the number one green drink at this moment. This wholesome super food contains A-to-Z of the natural goodies- from vitamins & minerals to probiotics and adaptogens. Fuse Athletic Greens in your daily routine to feel rejuvenated and kick a storm inside your gym. The incredible rundown contains as many as 75 ingredients- thus making Athletic Greens unique. Do you know how much time Athletic Greens take to revive your body? Only 27 seconds!

Macrolife’s Macro Green Super Food

Since its introduction in 1998, Macro Greens has been a constant fixture in the green drink segment. Right now at the middle of 2017, it’s the second hottest green drink around. Enriched with 38 nutrients, this is an effective blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and a whopping figure of 18 billion probiotics! A single serving of Macro Greens is equivalent to 5+ servings of fruits and vegetable. There is another feather in the cap of Macro Greens and i.e. – it’s the best tasted green drink in USA.


Are you a professional athlete? Or a tough girl on the prowl to build ripped abs? In both the cases, Shakeology ought to be the perfect choice. Boasting more than 70 ingredients, this shake-mix comes in various flavors- green berry and chocolate are the most popular ones though.

From boosting immunity to shedding pounds- Shakeology accomplishes more than any other shake in the market. Another awesome part about buying this item is – if you don’t like the result, get be refunded by the company within 30 days of purchase.

Living Fuel Super Greens

Living Fuel Super Greens has maximum number of anti-oxidants in comparison to other green drinks. Do you know what ORAC rating is? It’s Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity and for Living Fuel Super Greens, the rating stands for 82,800 / serving! Secondly, this green drink is a total meal replacement. Are you on the road right now or too busy in running your newly-founded business to eat on time? At that point, have a glass of Living Fuel Super Greens instead of your meal and fill your stomach in healthiest way.


Touted as the best super food by the prestigious Natural News, Enerfood green drink mix is perfect for vegans. The admirers of clean eating should rejoice in the fact that, Enerfood is a certified organic formula.

Let’s discover what makes it different. The wheat grass and barley present in Enerfood elevates your vitality and prompts to a better sleep-pattern each night. The lemon peel guarantees that your bone structure gets fortified; on the other hand, Rose Hips have a vital impact in detoxification.

Green Vibrance

What makes Green Vibrance (or GV) a super food to reckon with is it’s straightforwardness in displaying a total break-down of ingredients on its label. Unlike other green drinks that gloat of impressive number of nutrients but only use them in bits, GV flaunts over 60 wholesome components. This product has a clear-cut goal about lifting up your health by focusing on 4 core areas- immunity, blood circulation, digestion and nutrition.

The astounding volume of 25 billion probiotics present in GV will strengthen your health while fighting off common cold and flu.

Orac Energy Greens

Those of you who are looking for enhancing your wellness in a cost-effective manner, Orac Energy Greens should be your optimal choice. With ORAC rating of 40,000 / serving, this green mix costs only a dollar per spoon. With approx. 42 organic ingredients and close to 1.2 billion probiotics, this is an amalgamation of mushrooms, free-dried fruits, herbs and plants. The mellow taste of the drink enables you to redo it with your favorite sweetener- stevia or freshly chopped strawberries. 

Juvo Raw Immune Booster Green Drink Mix

This is hard to find out a kosher certified green drink in a market increasingly saturated with artificially manufactured supplements. That’s why, Juvo Raw Green Drink Mix stands apart with its kosher as well as USDA certification- thus validating zero presence of GMO bits, artificial color/smell, preservatives in its composition.

A Vegan Mix
What’s more, this super green drink is only made of whole, raw fruits, grains, mushrooms and grasses. This gluten free green drink mix brimming with anti-oxidants that slows down your aging process quickens your energy. The enzymes on the other hand, releases toxin.

Dr. Schulze’s Super Food Plus

Well, sometimes old is certainly gold. With its more than a quarter of century presence in the market, Dr. Schulze’s Super Food Plus (or DSSP) aptly justifies this adage. In case you are pretty old school in terms of restoring energy and are skeptical with this new crop of enzymes, probiotics and additional proteins-rich super foods, then DSSP is the one you should ask for.

The simple formula of algae and greens mishmash should ideally be taken in the morning – mixing equally with water and juice. Furthermore, put this pocket-friendly green powder in rice, salad, pasta or pesto- and it will gel seamlessly all over the dish.

Boku Super food Organic Drink Powder

Are you facing receding hairline and poor immunity simultaneously? Introduce Boku Super food Organic Drink Powder in your routine- for its great impact on bringing back shine in the hair, reinforcing immunity as well as curing poor digestion.

A strong amalgamation of super fruits, nettle, sprouts, algae, pods and extracts from kale, cabbage, spinach and broccoli- this one is for the keeps. Blend the powder into shake, juice or plain water and you are ready to thrive on good health. On the off chance you are a vegan, lap this green drink up.

In these physically exhausting times, a quality green drink can come off as savior. It can replace meals, stimulates you instantly and looks after your overall wellbeing. Each of the above mentioned products is great pick-me-up drink. Experiment with them before you end up with one.