When you are low on energy, blame it on your diet first. If you are someone, who survives on fatty and high calorie foods, you are bound to find yourself fatigued. Let’s discover top 10 energy foods that can energize you in a healthier way, throughout the day.

Brown Rice 

There is a reason why brown rice is thought to be- one of the super foods in 21st century. Brown rice is packed with manganese, the complex mineral that produces energy from carbs and protein. That’s why you can reap the greatest benefit of brown rice when you are combining with lean meat or fish side-dish. With only one cup of brown rice on everyday basis, you can get 88.0% of your daily quota of manganese.


Aren’t our mothers and grandmothers chiding us through the ages to eat almonds as first things in the morning? Loaded with copper, manganese and protein- almonds give you solid fuel bursts, at whatever point, you are feeling fatigued.

The copper and manganese present in almonds neutralize toxins while keeping the body’s energy level intact. Put crushed almond into cereals or shakes for better taste. On the off chance that you are feeling too lazy, soak raw almonds overnight and eat them in the morning.


Egg yolk contains Vitamin-B that converts food into energy. Now you know why soccer players or martial artists have dozens of eggs in the breakfast, right? Apart from that, Vitamin-D found in the egg is beneficial for bone strength of adults and children-alike.

Do you know that the monosaturated as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids present in eggs are good for heart and prolonged energy? Have egg half-boiled, as an omelet, poached or baked. In case you are cutting back on everyday calorie intake for weight loss purpose, stick to maximum 3 egg yolks (and numerous egg whites) in a week.

Sweet Potato

From now onwards, make those yummy fries with sweet potato only. Stacked with complicated carbohydrate, sweet potato gives you prolonged energy, especially during post lunch-hour. The beta-carotene in sweet potatoes (Vitamin A), together with Vitamin C, restores your muscles fatigue when you are huffing and puffing after a rigorous physical training.

Sweet Potato
Sweet potato is a fine option for your kids as well. Mash it, or bake it- the goodness will stay in place and so does your level of energy after devouring it.

Tuna Fish 

We concede that the smell of tuna fish is not best on the earth. But when you take a look at the advantages it offers- as an energy booster, you will surely be sold! A cup of cooked tuna provides you with protein and B vitamins. The latter convert your nourishment into vitality.

Make yourself a tuna sandwich, a fish salad or simply grill it. Be that as it may, daily intake of tuna fish is essential when you are looking for cheap source of energy foods. Other important B vitamins that you can discover in a cup of tuna fish are- riboflavin, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, folate to name a few.


Love it or loathe it but you can’t ignore the impact of espresso on shooting up depleting energy. This is not news when it’s said that caffeine keeps us awake amidst all-nighters as well as mid-day conferences. In any case, do you realize that you can put a healthy spin on much-debated (among fitness experts, off course) coffee by blending it with skimmed milk?

A cup of skimmed milk coffee will give you prerequisite kick before a rigorous gym training session. For optimum effect, replace white sugar as sweetener and use healthy add-ons instead such as- cardamom, cocoa powder or a bit of maple syrup into your cuppa.


A standard-sized Banana contains 3 grams of fiber, is packed with glucose, fructose and sucrose- thus making it one of the energy foods. Do you know chomping on a banana gives you 100 calorie at one serving? This is reason behind- banana being the favorite energy food for players with little money to buy expensive energy foods.

Banana should be your ideal snack when you are on the mission to lose weight. Be that as it may, you don’t need to feel giddy with hunger. Having a single banana fills up the belly for a long time.

The potassium present in it helps forming tissues, cells as well as healing other ailing organs. Put it into smoothie, in a fruit salad bowl or yogurt- banana is ubiquitous.


Beans are wonder of this world. They are the surprising amalgamation of protein and complex carb, which suppresses appetite and makes you feel more energized, especially during siesta. Whether you are into black beans or the white ones, it doesn’t matter.

Toss a handful into your soup, rice or salad to relish a nutritious meal. Whether you are vegetarian or a carnivore, putting beans as constant fixture in your every day diet would give you much needed energy.

Whole Grain Cereal 

The whole grain cereal, which you have hated throughout your life, can be one of the biggest sources of energy. Eat it straight out of pack, mix it with skimmed milk or pour down Greek yogurt on top of it, whole grain cereal will always provides you with constant stream of vitality with it’s high-fiber content. Fiber slows down glucose influx in blood stream- thus conserving more energy.


There is a reason why reputed energy drinks have one common ingredient among them and i.e. spinach. Rich in iron, spinach assumes a magnificent role in reestablishing energy when you are feeling slumpy.

The iron present in spinach can transport oxygen throughout the body by activating the red blood cells. For better performance in gym, make spinach smoothie every morning and gulp it down at the start of the day.

There are hundreds of energy drinks but nothing can beat organic, wholesome foods. The above-mentioned options are pocket-friendly and easy to prepare. No need to go for diet overhaul, once you start eating them. Wear your chef’s hat and tweak these energy foods to come out with fun and healthy recipes.