It’s quite mind boggling to see so many energy drinks lined up the sales racks whenever you hit a super-market. Given your lifestyle, requirement and budget, you must pick up one. But before that, it’s crucial to know which energy drinks are top of the line currently? Let’s uncover them one-by-one. 

Athletics Greens 

At this moment, it’s Athletic Green that is ruling the market in energy drink segment. With its nutrient punched formula, each sip into this super drink guarantees that your body will be replenished with vitality.

The handpicked ingredient list mainly includes- fruits, herbs and mushroom. Each of them ensures that, aside from your energy level, your mood also remains super charged-up.

On the off chance you are pretty serious about your wellbeing (doesn’t matter whether you are into sports or just a common health enthusiast), give Athletic Greens a shot. It would certainly be money well spent.

Red Bull 

Red Bull has been synonymous with energy drink for ages. The beauty lies with the fact that- it contains high level of caffeine but after consuming a can of Red Bull, you won’t feel restless at all. Apart from caffeine, Red Bull also consists of turine and B Vitamins among others.

Each can of Red Bull serves 8.4 fl oz. Regardless of whether you are driving for long and trying to ward off sleep or just wish to pep up the energy level of the party, bring Red Bull on the table. The pocket-friendly price is another significant point behind its sky rocketing fame.

Campbell V8 +Energy 

Would you like to feel invigorated without that extra calorie originating from artificial sugar? Then look no further than Campbell V8 +Energy. This natural drink builds up your energy level without trading off your wellbeing or giving you only temporary shots of energy.

Each serving of Campbell V8 +Energy is a blend of fruits and veggies. Those of you, who don’t get the time to eat healthy, can sip into this nourishing drink guiltlessly.

Each can contains 8 oz beverage and it comes in different flavors such as- pomegranate, blueberry among others. But green tea is the common ingredient among them all.

Monster Energy Drink 

Do you how much caffeine you can get from just one can-serving of Monster Energy Drink? It’s a whopping 160 mg! Aside from containing such high level of coffee beans extract, Monster Energy drink is an amalgamation of ginseng, guarana, L-carnitine, glucose and others.

This flavor is also easy-on-the-palate. In case you are new into energy drink, start off your journey with Monster Energy Drink. You would lap it up at the first sip, that’s for sure.

Eboost Energy Shot 

Not every tired soul out there is looking for caffeine laden energy shots. There are many, who simply love fruity flavors and vitamin-filled vitality drinks. For them, Eboost Energy Shot should be the ideal choice. It comes in multiple flavors like- mango, blueberry, blackberry, pomegranate to name a few.

Add with them green tea extract, and you are prepared to kick out exhaustion from your framework. Eboost Energy Shot boasts celeb recommendations from the likes of Shakira and Oprah Winfrey. 

Rockstar Zero Carb 

Many health freaks are eager to try out energy shots but fear the added sugar and carb that accompany most of these drinks. RockStart Zero Carb energy drink has tapped that latent need and how! With its zero carb, zero sugar policy; this has quietly become the number one choice for fitness lovers.

Expect the incredible amount of 240 mg caffeine from a solitary can of Rockstar Zero Carb. Aside from fuelling up depleting energy repository in body, this one also helps you to concentrate better.

Starbucks Refreshers 

Starbucks Refreshers are low-on-caffeine and more on green tea extracts. Do you cherish fruit flavors in your energy drink?

Then get ready to indulge yourself into mouth-watering flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Pomegranate and Blueberry Acai. Apart from fruit juice, each can likewise contains feel-good ingredients such as- ginseng and vitamins.

The light and refreshing pick-me-up energy drink has minimal sugar, no carb and 25% real juice.

VPX Redline Xtreme RTD  

Are you a professional athlete? Or gearing up to be one? In both the cases, VPX Redline Xtreme RTD ought to be your choice of energy drink. A powerful concoction of stimulating components, electrolytes and Branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs) – this vitality drink is unquestionably rocking the energy beverage segment in 2017 and would surely do so beyond.

The other natural ingredients it has – green tea concentrate, caffeine and yerba mate. Apart from spiking up your energy, this beverage helps you to focus on your performance, enhances reaction time and reestablishes muscles.

Nutrex Outrage Shots  

Available in three tangs- Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch and Green Apple, Nutrex Outrage Extreme Energy Igniter is the new kid-in-the-block. If you don’t like to carry around energy supplement powder to mix with your drink, then give this fruity flavored, high-on-caffeine booster a try.

Whether you are planning to hit the gym or trying to wave off the siesta time stupor, this is the product to go ahead with. Each bottle only contains 4oz of the liquid, but that’s enough to kick off exhaustions. This is the perfect pick-me-up for go-getters of this world.

Hiball Energy Sparkly Organic Drink

In the event that you are looking out for simple energy booster, then do give this one a shot. The yummy ginger ale-and- coffee beans extracts is high on caffeine but in a guilt-free manner. The USDA-certification guarantees that you can expect top quality service.

Hiball Energy
It comes in different flavors- blood orange, vanilla, grapes as well as berries. Another USP of this drink is that- it has zero carb and calorie. So when it comes to refreshing and unsweetened energy drink, nothing can beat Hiball organic water

Regardless of whether you are an amateur gym-goer or a professional body-builder, energy drink is useful in both the conditions. Apart boosting vitality, the right fuel wields positive impact on your mental wellbeing too. So before you pick up one, do your homework properly.