Living Green Supreme Food has been formulated as a health drink that will provide many beneficial effects on your overall health. This all natural green drink supplies various minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients to your body. As it uses sixteen ingredients in the form of vegetables, fruits, algae and grasses, it can also be termed as superfoods.

Living Green Supreme Food Benefits

In Western diet culture, you don’t get to eat lots of healthy greens in your meals. It is not always a top priority in your agenda to cook your food with spinach, broccoli, and kale in it. If superfoods are considered, you won’t get another healthy diet like it. If you look at the benefits of Living Green Supreme Food, it consists of ingredients that are so powerful, that it can even act as petrol in rocket ships. Its health benefits includes the following:

Helps in breaking down fat and protein inside your body to nourish cells

It supports healthy liver function by detoxifying body toxins

Reduces oxidation stress and eliminates effects of any oxygen toxicity

Eliminates various skin related problems such as eczema, ulcers, and impetigo

Protects your liver from toxins and helps in repairing your liver by itself

Also purifies and cleanses your digestive tract

Promotes your healthy organ functioning in the body

Living Green Supreme Food is a green supplement that is free from any soy, dairy, gluten or allergenic ingredients that are genetically modified in many cases. Its ingredients are mostly organic in nature, hence can be consumed by customers having certain food allergies.

Living Green Supreme Food Manufacturing

For the quality preservation of the key ingredients used in Living Green Supreme Food, they are first dried under low and slow temperature drying process. This way, it will preserve the most delicate molecular structure within, that are heat sensitive. It consists of phytonutrients, digestive enzymes, and bio-active compounds. All these are easily destroyed using this fast, but harsh high heat process adopted by the manufacturer. This wonderful food blend will provide your body with fibers, probiotics, superfoods, and enzymes.

Organic Blend

With ingredients such as Chlorella and Spirulina, Living Green Supreme Food will give you a healthy shot that consist of fermented algae and grasses. These fermented foods will provide the fuel for your gut health and improve it further.

If your gut health is good, intake of this will also help in improvement of the brain. This fermented mixture also sends beneficial micro flora towards the gut. This feeds the good probiotics and causes lesser anxiety symptoms in people.

Increase Longevity

If you consume Living Green Supreme Food on a regular basis, it will keep you fit, healthy and strong. Thus, you can enjoy a long and stress-free life.

Detoxification Of The body

This fiber blend also contains organic flax seed that has omega 3 and fatty acids. Another blend in this health mixture is acacia, which reduces your appetite. Consumption of Living Green Supreme Food will lower your cholesterol level and provides a proper digestive system. A healthy digestive system means having no toxic product inside the body, hence this health drink detoxifies your overall body.

Helps Body Fight Infections

Regular consumption of this health drink will raise the antioxidant level in your body. This will in turn fight against many infections, that are generated within your body. Few other benefits of Living Green Supreme Food include:

Suppresses your appetite and makes you feel fuller

Improves your digestion and proper functioning of your liver

Lowers your blood pressure level

It will also lower the risk of type 2 Diabetes development

Organic Vegetable Blend

Living Green Supreme Food contains organic ingredients such as parsley, that has beta-carotene, vitamin K and anti-inflammatory properties, beets that has fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, broccoli that has fiber, vitamin A, folate and pantothenic acid and spinach that has vitamin B6, calcium, folate, zinc, and niacin.

Organic Botanical Blend

This mixture blend consists antioxidants that fights free radicals in your body. These radicals usually damage your cells and cause degenerative disease like cancer.

Organic Fruit Blend

This organic fruit blend mixture consists of apple that has fiber, flavonoids, antioxidants and phytonutrients, blueberry that has vitamin C, folate, and potassium, carrots that contain fiber and beta-carotene, and acerola cherry that has vitamin C.


Your gut contains probiotics, that need fuel to produce good bacteria. This fuel is termed as probiotics. This probiotics fuel is nothing but a type of indigestible carbohydrates. Living Green Supreme Food consist of 550 mg of probiotics in it.

Packaging Of Living Green Supreme Food

If you order this product from authorized dealers, they will deliver it promptly. Their packaging is very secure and perfect,  as it guarantees the freshness of its contents. In one month’s supply, you can get around 30 servings of this wonderful health drink.

What It Smells Like

You may be concerned about this product’s smell, as its ingredients are all herbal and organic. Even though there are so many different and powerful ingredients in this mixture, it has a delicious aroma that fills the air. It has a combination of organic herbs and freshly cut grass smell, with a little hint of sweet aroma. Its overall smell is so nice that you will feel like to taste it immediately.

Instructions For Preparation

Its texture consists of very refined and finely crushed powder, with super green content easily dissolves in liquids. You need to stir it well in case, some of its content remains undissolved. Drink it after it completely mixes. Its preparation is quite an easy task, which you can do on a regular basis.


When you drink it, you could actually feel its goodness immediately, as its ingredients dissolve inside quickly and reach your stomach. As you have this Living Green Supreme Food drink, you will start feeling alive and energized. Even if you were feeling drained or tired earlier, once you start having this health drink, it charges you up.

If you consume Living Green Supreme Food frequently, your stomach will feel like fuller, and hence it will urge you to eat less amount of any other heavy food. This will curb your unhealthy eating habits and provides you fitness and detoxify your body.