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Patriot Power Greens Review

Patriot Power Greens is a delicious drink that was originally created for elite class military personnel only. It claims to restore the energy level and vitality in soldiers, which is the major requirement for them. This drink has ingredients that include 38 vegetables and fruits, 7 digestive enzymes, and 10 probiotics. It makes this drink a powerful formula to boost your youthful vigor and provide instant energy.


There are several issues that come due to inflammation disturbance in your body. Inflammation refers to the process of attempting self-protection by your body. It means removal of harmful stimuli such as irritants, pathogens or damaged cells. Followed by the removal process, it starts the body’s healing process. Due to irritating or harmful factors that affects any part of your body, a biological response immediately starts. This response is all about figuring out the symptoms and signs of inflammation, remove it and then heal.

The Signs Of issues With Inflammation Include:

Physical discomfort and fatigue

Knee aches, back, hip and joint pain

Issues with nerve cells, heart, and arteries

New cellular growth and regeneration

As per doctor’s approval, Patriot Power Green supplements is provided by natural foods and important nutrients. This overall green drink formula is loaded with ingredients that don’t affect your livelihood and independence.

Your inflammation condition can be the root cause for most of the stress and ailments in your body. It destabilizes the cholesterol deposits in your coronary arteries and hence becomes the root cause of serious issues like strokes and heart attacks.

Patriot Power Greens Ingredients

This green drink includes ingredients that do not use any artificial sweeteners or added sugar. The key ingredients include digestive enzymes, organic vegetables, and fruits, probiotic strains. It does not use any major allergens such as wheat, gluten, peanuts or soy, and dairy.

The key ingredients (no added sugar or artificial sweeteners) in Patriot Power Greens include:

Out of its key ingredients, four are made up of organic sea vegetables that are harvested from oceans. For example, it has an ingredient named organic spirulina, which is a Japanese superfood rich in antioxidants. It is recommended to use spirulina dosage as per requirement. The spirulina consists of 20% of C-phycocyanin, and it is advised to take a dosage of only 200mg/kg of C-phycocyanin.

It’s another key ingredient called Kale, is having valuable nutrients such as zeaxanthin and lutein. These two ingredients are responsible for absorbing and neutralizing free radicals and insert into your skin, thus making you look younger.

In each serving of this green drink, it consists of 1100 mg of best organic vegetables and fruits with anti-aging properties, to make your skin glow and look better. It includes carrots, broccoli, and beet juice.

Patriot Power Greens’ most of the ingredients relies on antioxidants power for achieving effective results. It targets all the free radicals present inside the body and hence reduces inflammation.

Patriot Power Greens use naturally sweetened formulation by using apple, acai, and goji juice, to provide a pleasant berry flavoured drink. This green drink does not include any ingredients that are genetically modified or contains any allergic components such as shellfish and gluten.

Benefits Of Patriot Power Greens

Due to its organic key ingredients and antioxidant properties, Patriot Power Greens is an excellent drink to provide energy and other benefits to your body. The following are few of its benefits that will make you want to try this drink:

Weight Loss

You already might have tried several products to reduce your weight, but the actual reason to trigger fat producing is the lower level of inflammation inside your body. The best way to deal with this problem is to flood your body cells with alkaline foods and the only process to do so is adding plenty of fruits and vegetables in your meals. Under normal circumstance, you are not able to always fulfill this requirement. Hence, Patriot Power Greens provides a complete solution along with effective weight loss.

Blood Sugar Stabilization

If you are a diabetic patient, especially having type 2 diabetes, you may face chronic inflammation issues. If you do not maintain proper sugar intake level or control your blood sugar level, it can trigger terrible diseases. You can control this blood sugar issue along with treating inflammation related problems by using this super-charged drink of Patriot Power Greens.

Relief From Digestion Issues

Patriot Power Greens is a very effective drink to provide you relief from digestion-related issues. It also reduces the chronic inflammation in your gut and intestines, thus boosting the growth of good bacteria. To bring back your digestive system into its natural and healthy state, this drink can be useful.

Reduce Stroke And Heart Attack Risk

If you are suffering from chronic inflammation problem within your body, it may raise the chances of developing blood clots in arteries. If you consume this drink on a regular basis, it reduces this inflammation factor and provides a healthy heart.

Get Rid Of muscle And Joint Pain

Along with curing arthritis pain, Patriot Power Greens can naturally reduce the amount of pain you may experience in your muscles and joints. Instead of going for painkillers and facing its nasty side effects, you can choose this energy drink as it has many other advantages.

Improves Brain Health

As this Patriot Power Greens drink consists of an important ingredient, named spirulina which is an ocean nutrient, it has proven record of providing healthy brain to you. It directly affects the nervous system and improves your mental health along with providing an anti-aging benefit for you.

Improves Brain Health
Patriot Power Greens consists of less amount of sugar (say less than 1 g), hence makes this product suitable and safe for everyone to use, even for diabetic patients. The item is made up of organic vegetables and fruits, probiotics and digestive enzymes, and is free from allergenic products.

Keep away your heart-related issues, controls your cholesterol and blood pressure levels with the intake of this. It is one of the best energy and health drink in the market.

Living Green Supreme Food Review at Its Best

Living Green Supreme Food has been formulated as a health drink that will provide many beneficial effects on your overall health. This all natural green drink supplies various minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients to your body. As it uses sixteen ingredients in the form of vegetables, fruits, algae and grasses, it can also be termed as superfoods.

Living Green Supreme Food Benefits

In Western diet culture, you don’t get to eat lots of healthy greens in your meals. It is not always a top priority in your agenda to cook your food with spinach, broccoli, and kale in it. If superfoods are considered, you won’t get another healthy diet like it. If you look at the benefits of Living Green Supreme Food, it consists of ingredients that are so powerful, that it can even act as petrol in rocket ships. Its health benefits includes the following:

Helps in breaking down fat and protein inside your body to nourish cells

It supports healthy liver function by detoxifying body toxins

Reduces oxidation stress and eliminates effects of any oxygen toxicity

Eliminates various skin related problems such as eczema, ulcers, and impetigo

Protects your liver from toxins and helps in repairing your liver by itself

Also purifies and cleanses your digestive tract

Promotes your healthy organ functioning in the body

Living Green Supreme Food is a green supplement that is free from any soy, dairy, gluten or allergenic ingredients that are genetically modified in many cases. Its ingredients are mostly organic in nature, hence can be consumed by customers having certain food allergies.

Living Green Supreme Food Manufacturing

For the quality preservation of the key ingredients used in Living Green Supreme Food, they are first dried under low and slow temperature drying process. This way, it will preserve the most delicate molecular structure within, that are heat sensitive. It consists of phytonutrients, digestive enzymes, and bio-active compounds. All these are easily destroyed using this fast, but harsh high heat process adopted by the manufacturer. This wonderful food blend will provide your body with fibers, probiotics, superfoods, and enzymes.

Organic Blend

With ingredients such as Chlorella and Spirulina, Living Green Supreme Food will give you a healthy shot that consist of fermented algae and grasses. These fermented foods will provide the fuel for your gut health and improve it further.

If your gut health is good, intake of this will also help in improvement of the brain. This fermented mixture also sends beneficial micro flora towards the gut. This feeds the good probiotics and causes lesser anxiety symptoms in people.

Increase Longevity

If you consume Living Green Supreme Food on a regular basis, it will keep you fit, healthy and strong. Thus, you can enjoy a long and stress-free life.

Detoxification Of The body

This fiber blend also contains organic flax seed that has omega 3 and fatty acids. Another blend in this health mixture is acacia, which reduces your appetite. Consumption of Living Green Supreme Food will lower your cholesterol level and provides a proper digestive system. A healthy digestive system means having no toxic product inside the body, hence this health drink detoxifies your overall body.

Helps Body Fight Infections

Regular consumption of this health drink will raise the antioxidant level in your body. This will in turn fight against many infections, that are generated within your body. Few other benefits of Living Green Supreme Food include:

Suppresses your appetite and makes you feel fuller

Improves your digestion and proper functioning of your liver

Lowers your blood pressure level

It will also lower the risk of type 2 Diabetes development

Organic Vegetable Blend

Living Green Supreme Food contains organic ingredients such as parsley, that has beta-carotene, vitamin K and anti-inflammatory properties, beets that has fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, broccoli that has fiber, vitamin A, folate and pantothenic acid and spinach that has vitamin B6, calcium, folate, zinc, and niacin.

Organic Botanical Blend

This mixture blend consists antioxidants that fights free radicals in your body. These radicals usually damage your cells and cause degenerative disease like cancer.

Organic Fruit Blend

This organic fruit blend mixture consists of apple that has fiber, flavonoids, antioxidants and phytonutrients, blueberry that has vitamin C, folate, and potassium, carrots that contain fiber and beta-carotene, and acerola cherry that has vitamin C.


Your gut contains probiotics, that need fuel to produce good bacteria. This fuel is termed as probiotics. This probiotics fuel is nothing but a type of indigestible carbohydrates. Living Green Supreme Food consist of 550 mg of probiotics in it.

Packaging Of Living Green Supreme Food

If you order this product from authorized dealers, they will deliver it promptly. Their packaging is very secure and perfect,  as it guarantees the freshness of its contents. In one month’s supply, you can get around 30 servings of this wonderful health drink.

What It Smells Like

You may be concerned about this product’s smell, as its ingredients are all herbal and organic. Even though there are so many different and powerful ingredients in this mixture, it has a delicious aroma that fills the air. It has a combination of organic herbs and freshly cut grass smell, with a little hint of sweet aroma. Its overall smell is so nice that you will feel like to taste it immediately.

Instructions For Preparation

Its texture consists of very refined and finely crushed powder, with super green content easily dissolves in liquids. You need to stir it well in case, some of its content remains undissolved. Drink it after it completely mixes. Its preparation is quite an easy task, which you can do on a regular basis.


When you drink it, you could actually feel its goodness immediately, as its ingredients dissolve inside quickly and reach your stomach. As you have this Living Green Supreme Food drink, you will start feeling alive and energized. Even if you were feeling drained or tired earlier, once you start having this health drink, it charges you up.

If you consume Living Green Supreme Food frequently, your stomach will feel like fuller, and hence it will urge you to eat less amount of any other heavy food. This will curb your unhealthy eating habits and provides you fitness and detoxify your body.

The Positive Effects Of Energy Drinks

It is a group of beverages to provide an extra energy boost, maintain alertness, and promote wakefulness. It is also responsible for providing cognitive as well as mood enhancements. This has a stimulating effects on your central nervous system and its consumption can improve your overall mental and physical performance.

You will get various brands of energy drinks that are available in the market. This drink helps in giving a energy boost and is prepared in such a manner. One of the major constituents of your energy drinks is caffeine. You will find that most of the energy drinks brand available in the market contains a huge amount of glucose. One will also find some energy drinks brand that uses artificial sweeteners in its product.

You will get many energy drink brands that add dietary ingredients including vitamins, mangosteen, minerals, green tea and aloe vera. Even if you have not slept for sufficient hours, but with energy drinks, you can instantly feel recharged and energized to carry on your tasks. It also used some special ingredients like herbs and vitamins that provide additional support for increasing your body’s immunity and reduce cardiovascular problems. It consists of antioxidants that prevent formation of excess free radicals that are produced due to stress, pollution, and exercising.

Mostly, energy drinks are preferred by athletes or sports person to regain their energy levels during stressful tasks. If you also want to ensure that your performance does not get affected due to lower energy levels, you must start consuming energy drinks.

Also, make sure that your energy drink is free from any harmful or damaging ingredients that cause health problems.

Energy Drink Benefits

The other constituents of these energy drinks are – Vitamin B, taurine, ginseng, methylxanthines, acai, yerba mate, guarana, ginkgo biloba, creatine, carnitine, inositol and glucuronolactone. All these components in your energy drink can provide you with a tremendous amount of energy level. Also, there are various benefits and positive effects of consuming energy drinks that are as follows:

  • Increase Energy Level

Your energy drink will provide you with tremendous energy and makes your mind alert. It will turn your sleepiness mood into wakefulness and increase your productive abilities. It directly simulates your central nervous system, and hence gives you an energized feeling overall.

  • Effective Ingredients

You can get a good energy boost by consuming a glass of energy drink. This energy drink contains many powerful ingredients, that provide natural boost to your immunity power and stamina level. Included in it is – Vitamin B, which is helpful in providing good mood. It also helps in curing heart disease and fight cancer. It also contains B12, that helps to keep your nerves and red blood cells healthy.

A good energy drink will help in regulating your nervous system and provides a healthy digestive system. B6 helps to maintain proper functioning of your immune system and keeps away cardiovascular issues.

Niacin helps in lowering blood lipids and fight arthritis pain. Pantothenic acid helps to fight stress, allergies, skin disorders and anxiety. Riboflavin can treat blood disorders and muscle cramps.

  • Regulates Caffeine Amount

As you consume beverages like tea and coffee, your caffeine intake varies with the amount you consume or use on regular basis. In the case of energy drinks, as it uses a particular standardized health drink formula, hence you can expect same caffeine amount in each can. As a consumer, you will exactly know the amount of caffeine intake in your body through energy drinks, and also regulate it as per your choice. It safely manages your caffeine consumption habit.

  • Quick Caffeine Delivery

In the case of tea or coffee, you consume it slowly and after a certain time, as you wait for it to get bit cold. As energy drinks are consumed in the cold state, it will be easier for you to drink it much quicker as compared to coffee or tea. As you can consume energy drinks faster, this leads to quicker caffeine delivery into your bloodstream and provides the instant energy level.

  • Multiple Flavors

If you are amongst those few people who want to have caffeine boost in your body but not able to do so, as you do not have likings for tea, coffee or both of these beverages. As most of the energy drinks, that are available in the market uses multiple flavors to sell their drinks, you can easily get your preferred drink.

  • Additional Supplements

Besides caffeine, your energy drink also contains ingredients such as Vitamin B, ginseng, taurine and glucuronolactone. Each one of these ingredients has separate health benefits; hence overall it is believed to provide an enhanced energy effect in your body.

  • Convenient & Refreshing

Your energy drinks do not require be heating up or brewing, hence it makes them a quick caffeine delivery product. Body builders also uses similar quality drinks to reduce their body fat content. This drink refreshes you and is always served in a chilled form for better experience. Replace your general beverage like tea and coffee consumption with this drink and enjoy refreshed health.

  • Affordable

When you compare your caffeine and beverage expenditure, this drink is visible much cheaper. Avail the discounted prices when it comes to any promotional event or launch of the drinks. This makes energy drinks an affordable option to get instant energy and feeling refreshed.

  • Quick recovery after exercise

If you practice exercises regularly, you will know how difficult it becomes to recover back from the exhaustion. There are many athletes who prefer energy drinks to recover back instantly after heavy exercise or workout session. Energy drinks will help you to recover after such heavy workouts and exercises.

  • Zero Calorie Drink

If you want a drink that is free from extra calories, you may go for consuming energy drinks. Energy drinks contain caffeinated mixture without sugar and calories in it. Hence, you can get a complete health drink for getting instant energy equivalent to zero calorie drink


Top 10 Energy Foods For Instant Energy Bust

When you are low on energy, blame it on your diet first. If you are someone, who survives on fatty and high calorie foods, you are bound to find yourself fatigued. Let’s discover top 10 energy foods that can energize you in a healthier way, throughout the day.

Brown Rice 

There is a reason why brown rice is thought to be- one of the super foods in 21st century. Brown rice is packed with manganese, the complex mineral that produces energy from carbs and protein. That’s why you can reap the greatest benefit of brown rice when you are combining with lean meat or fish side-dish. With only one cup of brown rice on everyday basis, you can get 88.0% of your daily quota of manganese.


Aren’t our mothers and grandmothers chiding us through the ages to eat almonds as first things in the morning? Loaded with copper, manganese and protein- almonds give you solid fuel bursts, at whatever point, you are feeling fatigued.

The copper and manganese present in almonds neutralize toxins while keeping the body’s energy level intact. Put crushed almond into cereals or shakes for better taste. On the off chance that you are feeling too lazy, soak raw almonds overnight and eat them in the morning.


Egg yolk contains Vitamin-B that converts food into energy. Now you know why soccer players or martial artists have dozens of eggs in the breakfast, right? Apart from that, Vitamin-D found in the egg is beneficial for bone strength of adults and children-alike.

Do you know that the monosaturated as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids present in eggs are good for heart and prolonged energy? Have egg half-boiled, as an omelet, poached or baked. In case you are cutting back on everyday calorie intake for weight loss purpose, stick to maximum 3 egg yolks (and numerous egg whites) in a week.

Sweet Potato

From now onwards, make those yummy fries with sweet potato only. Stacked with complicated carbohydrate, sweet potato gives you prolonged energy, especially during post lunch-hour. The beta-carotene in sweet potatoes (Vitamin A), together with Vitamin C, restores your muscles fatigue when you are huffing and puffing after a rigorous physical training.

Sweet Potato
Sweet potato is a fine option for your kids as well. Mash it, or bake it- the goodness will stay in place and so does your level of energy after devouring it.

Tuna Fish 

We concede that the smell of tuna fish is not best on the earth. But when you take a look at the advantages it offers- as an energy booster, you will surely be sold! A cup of cooked tuna provides you with protein and B vitamins. The latter convert your nourishment into vitality.

Make yourself a tuna sandwich, a fish salad or simply grill it. Be that as it may, daily intake of tuna fish is essential when you are looking for cheap source of energy foods. Other important B vitamins that you can discover in a cup of tuna fish are- riboflavin, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, folate to name a few.


Love it or loathe it but you can’t ignore the impact of espresso on shooting up depleting energy. This is not news when it’s said that caffeine keeps us awake amidst all-nighters as well as mid-day conferences. In any case, do you realize that you can put a healthy spin on much-debated (among fitness experts, off course) coffee by blending it with skimmed milk?

A cup of skimmed milk coffee will give you prerequisite kick before a rigorous gym training session. For optimum effect, replace white sugar as sweetener and use healthy add-ons instead such as- cardamom, cocoa powder or a bit of maple syrup into your cuppa.


A standard-sized Banana contains 3 grams of fiber, is packed with glucose, fructose and sucrose- thus making it one of the energy foods. Do you know chomping on a banana gives you 100 calorie at one serving? This is reason behind- banana being the favorite energy food for players with little money to buy expensive energy foods.

Banana should be your ideal snack when you are on the mission to lose weight. Be that as it may, you don’t need to feel giddy with hunger. Having a single banana fills up the belly for a long time.

The potassium present in it helps forming tissues, cells as well as healing other ailing organs. Put it into smoothie, in a fruit salad bowl or yogurt- banana is ubiquitous.


Beans are wonder of this world. They are the surprising amalgamation of protein and complex carb, which suppresses appetite and makes you feel more energized, especially during siesta. Whether you are into black beans or the white ones, it doesn’t matter.

Toss a handful into your soup, rice or salad to relish a nutritious meal. Whether you are vegetarian or a carnivore, putting beans as constant fixture in your every day diet would give you much needed energy.

Whole Grain Cereal 

The whole grain cereal, which you have hated throughout your life, can be one of the biggest sources of energy. Eat it straight out of pack, mix it with skimmed milk or pour down Greek yogurt on top of it, whole grain cereal will always provides you with constant stream of vitality with it’s high-fiber content. Fiber slows down glucose influx in blood stream- thus conserving more energy.


There is a reason why reputed energy drinks have one common ingredient among them and i.e. spinach. Rich in iron, spinach assumes a magnificent role in reestablishing energy when you are feeling slumpy.

The iron present in spinach can transport oxygen throughout the body by activating the red blood cells. For better performance in gym, make spinach smoothie every morning and gulp it down at the start of the day.

There are hundreds of energy drinks but nothing can beat organic, wholesome foods. The above-mentioned options are pocket-friendly and easy to prepare. No need to go for diet overhaul, once you start eating them. Wear your chef’s hat and tweak these energy foods to come out with fun and healthy recipes.

Athletic Greens Review: Read My Personal Review Now

The new promotion brought in better perks and whole lot of responsibilities in my life last year. But My diet and work-out routine went for a toss. Since then, I had tried multiple energy supplements to replenish my depleting mojo, but nothing seemed to work. At last, I found Athletic Greens reviews and voila, they opened a new door in front of my eyes. From that point onwards, the energy inducing super food has become a constant fixture in my life.

You will find many more points about this super product from Athletic Greens reviews. Here, I will impart my personal involvement with this product, why it’s famous (according to me) and other tidbits.

About Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a super food to invigorate, to decrease mood swings and to improve overall health. Look through few of the Athletic Greens reviews, and you’ll come to know that, this is the perfect amalgamation of 75 ingredients including- fruits, veggies, herbs, mushrooms and probiotics.  

Regardless of whether you are a commoner looking to ward off the sudden bursts of fatigue or a budding athlete, this super food is for all. The vitality one can experience after consistently using it for one month, doesn’t depend upon age, gender or body weight. The Athletic Greens reviews can vouch for that.

Each packet of this item comes with 30 servings, on the off chance you are opting for the standard purchase plan (more on this later). There is no specific mention on how many times a day you should have it. My personal suggestion? Stick to twice a day.

Does Athletic Greens Work?

The internet is full of glowing Athletic Greens customer reviews from users of various age groups. Likewise, apply your common sense here. What doctors prescribe for when you are desperate to shed those kilos or elevate your dwindling energy level? It has to be clean eating incorporating loads of fruits and fresh veggies.

The same ingredients you can find in this super food. Best part? Those natural goodies would be devoid of any chemical harm, that modern farming practice otherwise imparts to its produces. For more conviction, run through the detailed Athletic Greens reviews.

 Keep it in mind that, if you are on special medication or any particular eating routine (for perennial ailment or any gastric surgery), then do consult with your doctor before start using it. In case you are pregnant or a nursing mother, ask for medical supervision before having Athletic Greens in daily diet. 

My Personal Experience With Athletic Greens

The piling work pressure and never ending household chores left me draining out of energy and I was becoming stressed-out. In those dim hours, Athletic Greens came as a blessing. I won’t be lying though. Initially, I was skeptical in trying out another energy food (the past experiences were not that great).

Once I started reading the authentic Athletic Greens customer reviews one-by-one, my mind was started slightly tilting towards it. Once it hit the plateau, I thought “let’s try it at least for a month”. And that was the best choice I have made in years.

At first, I was determined to utilize it only for a month. Be that as it may, now I am a committed subscriber of Athletic Greens’ monthly plan. I began taking it twice and day and within 2 weeks, my body felt so much lighter as if I got spring in my step. My mood oscillation likewise diminished, and it left me cheerful throughout the day. Don’t believe in my words? Well, go through any of the genuine Athletic Greens reviews and see for yourself. 

Why You Should Buy Athletic Greens?

If you have already experienced various Athletic Greens reviews, then you might have noticed distinctive reasons are given there to buy this product. Well, here’s my two cents on why you should purchase Athletic Greens.

Right off the bat, this is one of its kind nutrient-rich super foods. When I first found the number of ingredients it has, in one of the Athletic Greens reviews, I was pretty much awestruck. So given the price, the nutrient density you will receive in return from the nourishment, is worth-the-moolah.

In this world of artificially flavored supplements that use GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) products and harmful preservatives, Athletic Greens is fully organic. The clean components, which gone into making it, are suitable for everybody’s lifestyle- whether she is vegan or carnivore.

Thirdly, this is remarkably simple to use. Look at one of the Athletic Greens customer reviews and you will find that- this is the perfect drink for go-getters. Just mix the powder with water, skimmed milk or your favorite juice, pour it inside a container and go for that hike.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Athletic Greens?

Don’t buy Athletic Greens if you don’t want to feel fit and carry out more work load effortlessly. Okay, I am just kidding! I have pondered over this question for quite some time now and there is nothing that came to my mind. Organic? Check. Competitively priced? Check. Effective on health/ no side-effect? Check. These are all the primary reasons for which you should go for Athletic Greens.

There might be some disgruntled Athletic Greens reviews where few customers raised the point that – the price of the product is slightly on the higher-end. But what they don’t understand that- where else would you find close to 75 ingredients in one super food?

Additionally for your benefit, you should put some efforts in terms of- clean eating and working-out daily. Don’t expect that the nourishment of this super food could compensate for your binge-eating junk foods or leading a sedentary life. If you are not prepared to put forth that extra effort, stay away from this product. Search Athletic Greens reviews with inspiring stories and get motivated from there.

How Does Athletic Greens Work?

You can get the gist from various Athletic Greens reviews about how there are multiple ways that this item stimulates your body. Let’s discuss the ‘super foods’ segment first. They consist of the major portion in the ingredients’ list.  Sprirulina, Chlorella and wheatgrass are some of the recognizable names in this category. In case you are a budding athlete, who is suffering from nutrient deficiency (but are not aware about it) even after following a sportsman’s diet, then sipping into this mix will makeup for the loss.

The herbs and antioxidants occupy the second position- in terms of portion size. Even if you are not into rigorous physical work-out, the antioxidants like pea protein and citrus bioflavonoids will nourish your body by obliterating free radicals, keeping regular bowel movement.

The digestive enzymes have acted like charms in the past for many users, as per the Athletic Greens reviews. The exotic shiitake and reishi mushrooms reduces bloating, acidity and remove constipation from your internal framework.

The dairy-free probiotics are simply the super stars of vitality nourishment. This is not only my own observation but also has been expressed by countless others in Athletic Greens reviews.

This space is insufficient to stretch further about the mechanism of this super food. Do your research on the components, read up Athletic Greens reviews for better insight or contact to the official id for more elucidation.

Why Athletic Greens Is So Popular?

Take a market survey and let me know- which other super food has 11 types of supplements in it? I know the answer would be – nil. And this is the number one reason for the popularity behind this item. The raving Athletic Greens reviews are glaring testaments that, consumers are ready to pay money if the return is fulfilling.

The antioxidant blend present in the compound, will destroy the free radicals- thus nipping the cancer prospect in the bad. It will also slow down your aging process.  The detoxification support ensures that even after binge-eating sometimes, the bodily waste gets flushed out properly. Above all, the multivitamins will pick you up whenever you feel slumpy.

Another factor behind this product’s soaring popularity (based on what I have gathered from majority of Athletic Green reviews) is- its foundation story. How this super food creator Chris had gone through a series of illness and how he has come up with the fresh idea of Athletic Greens. All of this is totally relatable to a commoner’s personal struggle and victory while dealing with poor health.

Is Athletic Greens A Scam?

The genuine Athletic Greens reviews are the biggest verifications of its genuineness as a health product. Also, an eminent author like Tim Ferris is associated with the product for quite sometime now. Do you think such a prominent personality would put his reputation at risk by endorsing a scam product?

When you go through the ‘Pricing’ section in its official site, you will find the claim that your money will be refunded if you get back to the manufacturers with a better energy food within 60 days. What’s more, you can be paid back double the amount in the event, you are not happy with the performance of Athletic Greens. Any of these don’t sound like what a fraud product would advertise, right?

Also you will gather from Athletic Greens reviews that the sales rep of the company tends to remain within the client’s reach all the time. Didn’t understand any part of the billing process? Give her a call or shoot a mail. Need motivation or some in-depth tips about weight loss/ spiking energy? Ask for expert opinion.

Unlike fly-by-night companies, with this energy food, you will always feel connected to the company via transparent communication. These are the brightest confirmations that this product is an authentic one.

What Are Scientists Saying?

So far no solid scientific study has been executed solely on this product, but you can gauge from Athletic Greens reviews that how it follows a scientific theory. Do you know that a balance of vitamins and minerals is essential for functioning nervous system as well as strong immunity? Well, with this super food, rest assured that your body will get to absorb Vitamin B12 which is big on maintaining brain health, Vitamin A and zinc among others.

These days, erratic schedule and haphazard eating has left many of us with dwindling digestive enzyme production. To know it better that how this product contains assisting enzymes that reduce bloating, you should go through the Athletic Green reviews. Similarly, the liver formula, adaptogen and probiotics play significant role in detoxifying, keeping up gut health and reducing stress level respectively.

What Athletic Greens Consists Of?

This space is truly short to call attention to all of the 75 ingredients Athletic Greens powder is made of. For starter, the component rundown of Athletic Greens can be divided into five broad categories- vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, liver formula, probiotics and prebiotics, and lastly, adaptogen and hormone support.

You can search for more detailed Athletic Greens reviews for better understanding.  Yet here, I have attempted to describe the functionality of each in simple terms. The vitamins and minerals in Athletic Greens originate from freeze-dried fruits, plants and veggies. The manufacturer pays exceptional care to ensure- not to use any heat or light during the production process.

Do you know your digestion tract makes the passage for easy food absorption? The presence of papain and bromelain enzymes in this product guarantees smooth energy conversion.

Pick up few Athletic Greens customer reviews and you will see that users mostly gushed over the liver formula, which flushes out toxins from the body and bestows purer blood. The non-dairy prebiotics and probiotics sources make this product adaptable for users, who are lactose intolerant.

 Lastly, the Adaptogens are of 17 types, that are present in this product and boosts your body’s imperativeness during stressful times. You will find nothing artificial, GMO-related bits in Athletic Greens, and that’s where its success lies.

What Is The Cost Of Athletic Greens?

As of now, the cost of Athletic Greens is $97 for 30 servings. In case you are buying this product direct from the official site, then you will get 3 plans to choose from. First one is called the Double Hit. Subscribe to it and you will be delivered 60 servings/month at your door-step, with an incredible 21% discount on its price. And that brings down the consolidated value at $ 147.00.

The second plan is the standard one which I have mentioned in the first line. The third plan is called Trial Pack. Upon subscribing it, you will receive one-time only 60 servings at $77.00. You can compare the price plan with that of other energy foods and you know what? Athletic Greens customer reviews have already voted it- to be the best purchase scheme.

There might still be a tiny section of clients, who got worked up in their Athletic Greens reviews about the slightly high-end positioning of the product.  I can bet that no one else is putting forth an astounding motely of 75 ingredients in a single energy food item like that of Athletic Greens.  

So if you are looking for value-for-money buy, then go by what the other genuine Athletic Greens reviews are saying and bag this item.

FAQs About Athletic Greens?

It’s certainly prudent to ponder through the numerous Athletic Greens customer reviews before you purchase the item. But not all of them may provide you with the crucial answers you are looking for. Let’s dig deeper and bring out some FAQs about this product, which you may or may not find in many Athletic Greens reviews.

  1. Is the product suitable for the ones with certain food hypersensitivity?

Ans. Athletic Greens doesn’t contain dairy ingredients, animal protein, yeast, artificial color/flavor or corn. This is a completely gluten-free, certified organic product which has no trace of sucrose, glucose or lactose likewise. I hope that mitigates your query largely.

  1. Is it vegan friendly?

Ans. Absolutely. You will not find egg, animal protein or any dairy products in it. What’s more, going through the numerous Athletic Greens reviews, I got to learn this is the most favorite energy food for vegans’ world-over.

  1. Can lactating mothers use it?

Athletic Greens has no preservatives. Still, it would be best for you to consult your physician first, before introducing this product in your diet.

  1. Does it taste terrible like other energy drinks?

Ans. Taste sometimes can be subjective but when I tried it for the first time, I found the ginger-y aroma the best thing- about its taste. With the base of papaya, cherry powder, stevia, pineapple and vanilla, it tastes sweet, spicy, bitter- all-rolled- into-one.

Which Celebs Are Using It?

We can’t deny that what we do for our fitness has much been influenced from celebs. So it’s normal to ask yourself- which celebrities are using Athletic Greens? Don’t express to find a celeb’s name in Athletic Greens customer reviews in online public forums.

However, a simple Google search (you can even check it out in the home page of the official site) will tell you that NY Times’ best-seller author Tim Ferris has endorsed vociferously for Athletic Greens. Famous model-entrepreneur Biana Krausch is another dazzling client, who has nothing but amazing things to say about Athletic Greens and its role in keeping her active.

The interesting part of Athletic Greens user-base is that- you will find celebrities from various walks of life, who are fan of this product. Take for an instance, renowned motivational speaker and cancer survivor Art Martin Physician gives credit to Athletic Greens behind his top level of  fitness and vitality.

Where To Buy Athletic Greens?

The best place to buy Athletic Greens is online. Buy it specifically from its official site or any other reputed online vendor. For third-party marketers, make sure that they are genuine, otherwise, you might be duped. When you are buying from the product’s site itself, you will enjoy plethora of other benefits. Timely delivery is just one of them. For monthly subscribers, special health improvement tips would be there. The auto billing process makes it more secure for legitimate card holders to purchase this product via few taps.

What’s more, there is a full 60-day refund plan, on the off chance you have found better energy super nourishment or not satisfied with the performance of Athletic Greens. Well, scan through the Athletic Greens customer reviews and you will be hard-pressed to discover any reviewer who has parceled it back to the seller.


I hope the above points have given a rough idea about- how Athletic Greens works and what ingredients it holds. For better grasp of knowledge about this subject, you can always look for Athletic Greens customer reviews. Life has become so fast-paced that, only dieting and exercise are not enough to gain fitness.

 You need to get plenty of rest along with a super food, which will guarantee you constant source of energy, irrespective of age. For that reason only, buy this in the wake of examining the Athletic Greens reviews and getting convinced. With its top quality ingredients, careful manufacturing process and ease-of-use, there’s no reason why you should deprive yourself from such wholesome nourishment.

Is your energy level on the downward spiral since you hit 40? Do you fear that your body is not responding to that weight lifting work-out anymore? Then Athletic Greens customer reviews can show you that, you are not alone in this journey.  

In the event you fear about online money deceits, the above mentioned points should have cleared off your doubt to some extent, regarding the safest transaction process via Athletic Greens official site or any reputed vendor.  So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to any of the plans now, and thank me later!

The above points will give you a rough outline about- how this product works. Obviously, there are many more compact Athletic Greens reviews that can let you know what I might have missed here. This is a wholesome super food that invigorates you at any point of time. All it takes only 27 seconds for this nourishment, to stimulate your body. Do give it a shot and see for yourself how it excels.

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